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Student Leadership

At St Francis of Assisi, we believe that leadership is integral to life-long learning. We believe it is the right of every student to develop a sense of self-worth through positive and appropriate leadership opportunities.

Our students are given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills by involving them in purposeful and meaningful experiences that allows them to use their gifts and talents. Our school encourages student voice and shared leadership responsibilities.

Year 6 Leadership Roles

At the end of each year, Year 5 students are invited to nominate candidates from their class for the position of School Captains.

The names of the nominated candidates are presented to the principal and leadership team for consideration. All staff and primary students vote after all nominated candidates have placed written nominations and made speeches at a special assembly. A majority of votes elects our School Captains and Vice-Captains.

A similar process applies for the election of four Sports Captains — Red, Blue, Yellow and Green sports teams. The Sports Captains support the other captains in the student leadership of the school.

Year 6 Leadership roles also include Student Representative Council (SRC) members in the areas of Liturgy, Environment, Library, ICT and Hospitality.