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At St Francis of Assisi, our school uniform identifies who we are and what we represent within and beyond the school. Correct uniform and neat grooming help foster qualities of self-discipline and pride.

The school uniform can be purchased from Lowes Store at Warrawong Plaza or ordered online at Lowes.

All students are to wear the school hat while outdoors. There is a 'No Hat – Stay in Shade' policy in place.

All clothing needs to be clearly marked with the student’s full name. Fabric marker pens available to purchase from Lowes. 




  • Blue checked dress
  • Short navy school socks
  • Black leather school shoes


  • Navy school shorts
  • Pale yellow shirt
  • Short navy socks
  • Black leather lace up school shoes (not joggers)


  • Navy, royal blue and gold tartan winter tunic
  • Long sleeve pale yellow blouse
  • Navy blue school jacket with crest
  • Navy school tie
  • Navy tights or short navy school socks
  • Black leather school shoes


  • Long navy trousers
  • Pale yellow long sleeve shirt
  • Navy school tie
  • Navy blue school jacket with crest
  • Navy socks
  • Black leather lace up school shoes (not joggers)


  • Navy/Sky/Lemon polo shirt with embroidery
  • Navy shorts
  • Short white socks
  • Predominantly white joggers
  • Navy blue school tracksuit with crest for winter or cooler weather.


  • Is to be kept neat and tidy at all times; 
  • Is to be the child’s natural colour – colouring or dyeing of hair is not permitted;
  • Is to be plaited or tied back off the face if hair is shoulder length or longer, or covers students' eyes; and
  • Is to be tied only with navy blue or light blue ribbons, scrunchie or clips.

Hair cuts should not be too short – eg: no number one haircuts or unusual style/cuts. All hair must be cut evenly with no line mark styles.


  • A watch, a pair of plain earrings for girls only, one in each ear (studs or sleepers only), cross, medal are the only items of jewellery permitted to be worn at school.
  • No finger nail polish or makeup is to be worn.

Additional Notes about Uniform

  • No nail polish or false nails
  • Ties are compulsory in Winter, with the top button done up
  • Hats are compulsory and must have the school emblem
  • Skivvies are not to be worn under shirts
  • Navy tights or navy socks are worn with Winter uniform- but not together.  No stockings.
  • Shorts/long pants for boys - no cargo pants
  • Tracksuit tops MUST have a school emblem
  • Sport socks must not be low cut of anklet style
  • Shorts shoes need to be predominantly white