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Ahoy! Years 1 & 2 celebrate Pirate Day

Arrrrr and ahoy!!!! Teacher-Pirate Captains Grey and Mansbridge have surprised their crew of students from Years 1 & 2 with a pirate day! 

Throughout the term, the students have been participating in an English unit on pirates. They've read a variety of narrative texts on pirates, which have also supported the students' narrative writing ideas, vocabulary and text structure.

The students have learned how to speak like a pirate and use words and phrases such as 'ahoy', 'shiver me timbers', 'matey', 'aye', 'crew' and 'shan't'.

Our Visual Arts program also incorporated pirate art, which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

On our special pirate day, the students participated in a variety of fun pirate activities, including a treasure hunt, pirate games, pirate songs and concluding with a pirate party!

Here's what our students thoughts about their pirate unit and pirate day:

"I got a very big surprise when Mrs Grey and Mrs Mansbridge dressed as pirates and surprised us with a pirate party" — Claudia, Year 2

"Mrs Grey looked so funny dressed as a pirate. I liked the pirate games and pirate chocolate treasure" — Isla, Year 1

"I loved learning how to speak pirate and writing a narrative about pirates" — Rocco, Year 2

"We made a hook pirate hand and pirate patch for our pirate party" — Olivia, Year 1

"I loved writing about pirates and the treasure hunt was so much fun. I found so many chocolate coins" — Soraya, Year 2

"The pirate stories were funny. I loved the pirate party" — Adam, Year 1