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Students equipped with new skills and passion for writing

Our St Francis of Assisi writing project came about through the desire to improve our students' writing skills and invoke in them a love of writing.

We recruited for the project, the expertise of a published author, Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan (LNAP) support teacher, English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) specialist teacher, School Support Officer (SSO) and classroom teacher, among others.

Our knowledgeable group was able to build capacity amongst our teachers in Kindergarten through to Year 2 to equip the students with improved literacy skills and a passion for writing.

Our teachers have participated in a co-teaching cycle to create a learning journey for the children that is closely aligned with our assessment framework. In doing so, we are now able to provide our students with a range of initiatives to complement and enhance their learning content, while also challenging and supporting each student where they're at with their individual stage and pace of learning. 

We're enjoying seeing the children extend themselves and thrive with their writing in all kinds of fun and engaging contexts!